Saturday, January 24, 2009

Best job site, ever

For those ecologists and evolutionary biologists actively on the academic job market, there are a number of sources to get job ads (such as Science careers). But growing in popularity and by far the best job resource is the ecology job wiki. This site is a user modified site (as wikis are) where people list current job postings. But more than this people can actively discuss specific jobs, frustrations, updates, strategies, etc. For example, once a position starts interviewing, often an update will appear on the wiki informing all that interviewees have been selected Thus alleviating the feeling of limbo that we have when information is scarce. While it may not be entirely comprehensive in that not every single advertised job will appear, it does offer more information and the opportunity to share with others.

Good luck job hunters! Hopefully the job wiki is useful.


Martin Nuñez said...

thanks Marc! What about this site for getting job ads: ?
Many people really like it. It is not a wiki, but it seems to have lots of ads on Ecology.

Anonymous said...

Good luck for every saercher.........................


saher 4624 said...

Awesome post. I love stuff like this.