Thursday, May 19, 2011

The ecology blogosphere just got a little more crowded, and better (welcome Oikos blog)

A diversity of voices is why the internet is such a powerful intellectually democratizing form of communication. Ecology blogs, long the minority in scientific blogging just received an immense boost from the new Oikos blog, obviously associated with the journal, Oikos. While some of their content is dedicated to journal business, there have been great posts on ecological research and broader intellectual topics from Jeremy Fox, aka oikosjeremy.


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Jeremy said...

Thanks Marc! Very nice to get such positive feedback from a leader in this area.

I'm expecting that some of the other other editors beside Chris Lortie and I will start posting soon (Stefano Allesina wants to do a post on how ecologists are too nice to each other!). So the diversity of voices on the Oikos blog should be increasing in the near future.