Thursday, October 31, 2013

What scares ecologists?

In the spirit of Halloween, a non-comprehensive list of a few of the things that have frightened ecologists. The things we are scared of vary, with career trajectory and stage (graduate student, post-docs, faculty, non-academic), educational background, and goals. And even if the business of ecology doesn't scare you, some of the things we study should...

A few scary things

-That ghostly thesis - will it ever solidify?

-Vampire reviewers: they've been around forever, they've seen everything, and they're looking for blood. (uncommon)
The whole process is pretty frightening.

-The job market (or lack thereof?)

Fun but troublesome

-That our work is invisible

And a few (of many) ecological topics that are truly scary


And the incredibly deadly mosquitoes?

(and all the pathogens it carries)

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