Friday, September 18, 2015

Post at Oikos + why do papers take so long?

This is mostly a shameless cross-post to a blog post I wrote for the Oikos blog. It's about an upcoming paper in Oikos that asks whether beta-diversity null deviation measures, which originated in papers like Chase 2010 and Chase et al. 2011, can be interpreted and applied as a measure of community assembly. These measures were originally used as null models for beta-diversity (i.e. to control for the effects of alpha diversity, etc), but increasingly in the literature they are used to indicate niche vs. neutral assembly processes. For anyone interested, the post is at the Oikos blog:

What I found most amusing, or sad, depending on your perspective was that I wrote a blog post about some of the original conversations I had with co-authors about this subject. I looked it up the other day and was shocked that the post was from 2013 ( It's amazing how long the process of idea to final form actually takes. (No one phase took that long either - just idea + writing + coauthor edits + rewriting + submit + revise + coauthors + revise = long time...)

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